Risk Management Corporation

System Integration

Complete Solutions In The Design, Delivery And Implementation


Risk Management Corporations offers complete solutions in the design, delivery and implementation of risk management solutions.


Our risk management practitioners work with the project manager, system engineer, mission assurance staff and risk manager to determine and detail the risk management process needed for the project. Risk Management Corporation helps develop the risk management plan based on the projects’ requirements and needs. We will instruct the risk management team in detailing the process and defining their roles, responsibilities and requirements in the implementation and maintenance of the risk management process: including developing definitions, vocabulary, structure, reporting requirements, etc. 

We instruct and facilitate the application of the risk management process as documented in the project’s risk management plan. 

We help define criteria for:

  • Validation, acceptance and migration of risks
  • Likelihood /probability and consequence /impact
  • Trending, tracking, triggers and thresholds
  • Authority and communication flow